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Meat Shack Barbecue

Low & Slow Texas Barbecue

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Meat Shack Barbecue

Meat Shack Barbecue is the result of a love for good food, especially meat (vegetables, not so much). Meat Shack Barbecue is meant to be a small restaurant (a shack) serving meats with big, bold, barbecue flavours. Expect many kinds of meat, smoked low and slow in the Texas BBQ tradition, along with tasty sides to fill you up!

While Emil started his cooking education in France, he quickly realised that the culinary world extended well beyond the classic French training. Along the way, Emil tried BBQ, got hooked on the spot, and decided to specialise in making the best barbecue meats and flavours as he could. What drove him to land on Texas BBQ is how simple this style is, leaving no room for error. The chef must figure out how to create something amazing from the cheapest cuts of meat that other types of cuisine dismiss, which is what Emil and Meat Shack are striving for.

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