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Gnudi by Chef Cam Nelson

Handcrafted Pasta Dishes

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A variety of pasta dishes that will become your new favorites! Inspired by Chef Cam's life and career, each dish was carefully crafted to bring bold flavors and make you want to come back for more.


Chef Cam Nelson

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Chef Cam Nelson has more than 20 years of experience in the food industry. A native of rural Alberta, Cam’s path to the kitchen was inspired by his surroundings – an environment which fostered a deep understanding and appreciation for food – how it’s raised, how it’s grown, and how it makes its way from farm to table.

After moving to Edmonton, Chef Cam met Chef Sonny Sung (of Bistecca and Sorrentino’s Group), with whom he established a mentor relationship, still ongoing today. Chef Cam then spent 20 years in Toronto working for staples of the restaurant industry (O&B Group and Mark McEwan to name a few), operating his own restaurant and catering businesses, and offering his services as a private chef and consultant.

Having honed his craft, Chef Cam is now back in Edmonton and his native province to bring the flavors and quality of food he’s passionate about, starting with OilBurgers, serving gourmet burgers sourced from local Albertan farms.

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