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Newsletter February 2022

What's New at 5th St Food Hall? A Glimpse of Your Favorite Chefs, Valentine's Dinners, Tomato Top100 Reminder, and more.

Thank you for your continued support. We want to share JustCook's latest news with you. Trust us, you don't want to miss these exciting updates!

We are donating $5 for every Ukrainian Martini and $3 for every Odessa mocktail sold to aid relief efforts in Ukraine. The chefs also created special dishes to further the fundraising. Order yours as soon as tomorrow!

5th St. Food Hall: A Glimpse of Your Favourite Local Chefs

Do you know:

  • Which of the chefs behind Backstairs Burger (Levi Biddlecombe or Robert Wick) is behind the OG burger recipe we all love?

  • What field of work chef Greg Sweeney (HOM) used to be in before falling in love with cooking?

  • What station is chef Neil Royale's (Seitan's) favorite?

  • What decision got chef Kelly Burns (3 Foodies) into cooking?

Discover the answers to these questions and learn even more about the chefs behind 5th St Food Hall in our latest JustCook Insights.

Read about: Backstairs Burger | Seitan's | HOM | Three Foodies


Love is in the air... and the food!

Each of our four kitchens have an extra special 3-course Valentine's Day Dinner planned. Treat your loved one(s) with what they deserve: a delicious meal cooked (with love) by our amazing chefs at 5th St! Available for dine-in or take-out on February 12th or 13th. For more details or to pre-order your dinner, head here.

Backstairs Burger Menu

  • Course 1: House Made Burrata, Baby Tomatoes 3 Ways (Charred, Confit in Duck Fat, and Fresh), Fresh Basil, Basil Oil, Balsamic Reduction.

  • Course 2: Lady and the Tramp inspired - Fresh Spaghetti, Marinara, Mozzarella and Calabrian Salami Stuffed Meatballs, Shaved Parmigiano Reggiano. Served with Roasted Garlic Toast.

  • Course 3: Black Forest Torte, Dark Cherry Sauce, Whipped Cream.

Seitan's Menu

  • Course 1: Lobster ceviche tostada, jackfruit & lion's mane ceviche, avocado, pickled jalapeños, crispy tortilla.

  • Course 2: Seitan’s Steak Wellington, black garlic powder, garlic mash, broccolini, truffle gravy.

  • Course 3: Molten Lava cake, coconut whipping cream, raspberry coulis.

Three Foodies Menu

  • Course 1: Shrimp and cheese stuffed mushrooms.

  • Course 2: Surf and Turf platter: marinara shrimps, scallops, steak and roasted chicken with a side of twice-baked potato and veggies.

  • Course 3: Chocolate dipped strawberries and fruits.

HOM Menu

  • Course 1: Yam Som O/Pomelo Salad - Fresh shredded toasted coconut, shallots, lemongrass, lime leaves, peanuts, chilies, dried shrimp and mint. Dressed in a lime and fish sauce.

  • Course 2: Gaeng Som Goong/Central Thai Sour Curry of Prawns - Green papaya, long beans, cabbage, Thai eggplant, and water spinach.

  • Course 3: Mango Coconut Pudding - Fresh shredded toasted coconut, diced mango, condensed milk, and mint.


Last Chance to Vote for the Tomato Top 100!

If you haven't already, you have until Friday, Feb 4 to submit your nominations! Here are the dishes our chefs are especially proud of and think deserve a place on the list - and we trust you do to!

  • Backstairs Burger: the OG Burger, the General Sanders, and the Sugar Skull

  • HOM: Khao Soi, Beef Rendang, and Nam Khao

  • Seitan's: Buffalo Chickun Pizza, Animal Fries, and Kimchi Bites

  • Three Foodies: Reuben and Beef Bites

Vote for your favorites now!


Upcoming Special Events!

Our chefs can't really sit still... they're always up to something! We have a few specials event happening this February:

  • February 12-13th: As listed above, we have 4 different Valentine's dinner menus for you to choose from and treat your loved one(s)!

  • February 28th: 5th St Food Hall is usually closed on Mondays... but not that one. We have a special Taco & Beer evening planned for you! Follow us on social media for upcoming details.

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