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Newsletter August 31, 2023

Enter a captivating journey into the world of agave!

On September 9th, Mixologist Xavier Aleba and The Beverage Collective will walk you through the stories of diverse agave spirits, while you indulge in four unique cocktails that each reflect a spirit’s essence.


Indulge in this French delight!

This creamy flan, with notes of vanilla and caramel, is the perfect way to end your night at EPIC.


What's your culinary guilty pleasure?

Chef Peter Keith (Carne) - My soft spot is anything sweet: in the summer you can find me making regular trips to Made By Marcus and Kind Ice Cream! Chef Oliver Butterworth (Harvest) - My grandmother's homemade mac n cheese or lasagna, and for dessert, strawberry rhubarb pie or raspberry pie. Chef Lindsay Porter (Osteria) - Right now I have been on a major pasta kick. I recently had a refreshing crudo of raw tuna and scallop and finished it off with a wholesome rich pasta dish! I have been inspired to add my guilty pleasures onto the EPIC menu. Chef Winnie Chen (Maneki) - At the moment, IKEA meatballs with a veggie medallion add-on. I've been making a lot of trips to IKEA in the past few weeks, and something about the gravy, lingonberry sauce, all served cafeteria style is very efficient, but also nostalgic. As a child, trips to IKEA were always a big adventure and a treat.

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