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Newsletter April 2022

What's New at 5th St Food Hall? Downtown Dining Week 2022, New Restaurants Alert, Story of a Dish, and more.

Thank you for your continued support. We want to share JustCook's latest news with you. Trust us, you don't want to miss these exciting updates!

🔵🟡 THANK YOU! 🟡🔵 Through March, we've been able to raise over $750 that will be donated to the Ukraine Humanitarian Fund.
We have a new fundraiser for April: we will give $5 to the Nék̓em community for every Orange Martini sold. Thanks in advance for your support!

Edmonton Downtown Dining Week 2022

It's back! The Downtown Dining Week, organized by the Edmonton Downtown Business Association, is happening until April 10th. Of course we're participating!

With three restaurants and a bar under one roof, we created many exciting combos for you to choose from and get a taste of 5th St Food Hall!

Sampler Combos

  • 3-Course Dinner for 1 (or 2): OG Salad from Backstairs Burger, Khao Soi from HOM, Sourdough Beignets from Seitan's, and a 375ml bottle of Kettle Valley Chardonnay

  • Appetizers Sharing Sampler (for 2-4): Chedda Pizza Bites from Seitan's, Crispy Rice Lettuce Wraps from HOM, Loaded Duck Fat Smashed Potatoes from Backstairs Burger, and a pitcher of Sangria

  • Sweets Sharing Sampler (for 2-3): Sticky Rice Pudding and Thai Iced Tea from HOM, Tres Leches Cake from Backstairs Burger, Cheezcake from Seitan's, Bad Coffee Cold Brew, and coffee & Bailey's

Lunch Combos (available until 3pm)

  • Backstairs Burger: OG Burger and Crack Fries

  • HOM: Chicken Skewers Plate and Sticky Rice Pudding

  • Seitan's: Po Boy (choice of flavor) and Animal Fries



6 Months Since We First Opened!

Can you believe that April 5 will mark 6 months since we first opened? Us neither!

We have exciting things planned:

  • Launch of a new restaurant, no other than the Mexican Asian fusion Tortilla Samurai

  • New Mojito cocktails

  • 100% Food & Drink Trivia Night (save your spot)

We hope to see you there!


Story of a Dish

Over March, we shared articles about some of the most popular dishes of our restaurants. Of course, we started with the three dishes

  • The OG Burger (Backstairs Burger): With a background in fine dining, Wick and Biddlecombe elevate your average burger into something special, bringing their own unique innovations to the simple burger. Read more.

  • Khao Soi (HOM): Khao Soi comes from Northern Thailand, with Chinese and Burmese influences. It’s a complex dish with an excellent balance of flavours – rich, salty, sour, and savoury. Read more.

  • Buffalo Chickun Pizza (Seitan's): Originally the star menu item at Die Pie, Chef Neil Royale’s previous restaurant on Jasper Avenue, the pizza started out as a feature that quickly made its way onto the restaurant’s permanent


Upcoming Events at 5th St Food Hall

Our chefs can't really sit still... they're always up to something! We have lots happening:

  • Until April 10th: We're participating to Downtown Dining Week, don't miss out on our awesome samplers.

  • April 5th: As listed above, we have our 6-month opening celebration, join us!

  • Trivia Tuesdays: Our Trivia nights are still happening every Tuesday. Come in, by yourself or with a team, fuel up with great food, and strive to win prizes.

  • April 30th: Look out for more details coming soon about a Craft Beer Tasting event - it should be a lot of fun!

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