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Meet Chef Alex Edmonson!

Discover the artistry behind Chef Alex Edmonson's concept at EPIC: Petite. Chef Alex explains how he got started at EPIC and the inspiration behind one of his favourite dishes on the menu, the Tomato Galette.


Tell us a bit about you, Alex.

"I am the owner of AE Chef Services. It's a personal chef business where I go to people's homes and cook them dinner parties."

Why did you partner with EPIC?

"I came up to Edmonton to get involved with EPIC, to showcase some of my French food, I do a lot of French and Italian food, and I am really excited to be working here and showing Edmonton some of my talent."

Tell us about your food concept at EPIC, Alex.

"My concept with EPIC is called Petite, and the inspiration behind that is: I'm classically trained in French food, I have always loved French food, I find it very comforting. My menus are typically quite rich to begin with, which is kind of inspired by that French cuisine. I found it quite natural to join the French concept."

Describe your favourite dish on the menu.

"One of the menu items I have been working on is the Tomato Galette. This is inspired by my grandmother actually, we used to make pie all the time, well she would make pie all the time, and I would have it every Sunday. I just love the texture of flaky pie crust, so I wanted to implement that on the menu somehow. This one's savoury, and it is going to be served with goat cheese, tomatoes, a bunch of herbs, and lots of lemon. It'll be a nice little appetizer."

Alex's socials:


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