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Epic gives family dining a twist in Edmonton

Family travelers to the Canadian city of Edmonton finally have an easy answer to the age-old question of what to have for dinner? EPIC, a creative take on the traditional restaurant, offers experience-based dining that gives a glimpse into the city’s multifaceted culinary scene by letting you choose from a variety of cuisines all in one place and all prepared by some of the city’s hottest up-and-coming chefs.


The concept is unique yet finds its roots in places familiar to many travellers. By borrowing from the traditions of European food halls and Asian night markets, Epic brings together some of Edmonton’s finest chefs, many of whom have won esteemed awards, such as Chef Peter Keith, the creative mind behind Epic’s Carne menu and recipient of 2020’s Canadian Chef of the Year award.

By giving each of its chefs their own kitchen all under one roof, Epic invites diners to embark on an adventure of flavor and discovery where dining isn’t just about eating, it’s also like visiting an art gallery where talented chefs show off their creativity. It provides guests the opportunity to experience the vibrant cuisine of the city without having to visit multiple restaurants, making it perfect for foodie families who want to explore the city’s diverse food scene but don’t have the time to fit in multiple nights of dining out.


Each of the chefs in residence at Epic are stars in their own right, many having appeared on television shows such as Top Chef Canada. They are each responsible for creating their own menus, each following their own theme. Guests can choose from a single menu or mix and match items from each “restaurant” to curate their own unique meal. These restaurant-within-a-restaurant options include Harvest from Chef Oliver Butterworth, which offers plant-based cuisine; and Chef Lindsey Porter’s Osteria, featuring her own take on Italian cuisine.

Epic’s first location, downtown just steps away from the city’s indoor arena, Rogers Place, is soon to be joined by its flagship location on Whyte Avenue in Edmonton’s cultural center. Occupying the redeveloped CP Rail Station, this location will consist of repurposed shipping containers and feature more of a food stall atmosphere sure to create an epic culinary experience for visitors to Edmonton.

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