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Burning Questions with Chef Peter Keith


What was your childhood comfort food?

I have such a sweet tooth: anything dessert was at the top of my list.

That's why I have an appreciation for sweetness and acidity within a savoury menu. I think every meal should be a journey that can take you down multiple paths.

How do you maintain a balance between cooking comfort food and innovative food? Which do you prefer?

My goal is to cook food that people will love, while reflecting a story, experience, or memory I have. Sometimes this includes innovative techniques and uncommon ingredients; sometimes it's much more traditional - I'm happy with both if the finished dish is delicious!

What is your favourite food to cook for yourself vs in a restaurant?

I love making Mexican or Vietnamese food for myself. I don't cook much at home these days, but when I have time I love to make an overnight braised pork for tacos with fresh salsas. When dining out, I try to support local independent restaurants and I'm happy to enjoy each chef's vision - I always learn something and try something new!

What is your favorite food/dish to order at a restaurant?

Thai curries, Pho... I will go for anything fresh, vibrant, acidic like a ceviche or fermented foods. And I always leave room for dessert.

Now, about EPIC and Carne:

If you had to describe the Carne menu's flavor profile in three words, what would they be?

Savoury, Umami, Bold

What flavors and ingredients do you aim to highlight?

Carne is a meat-forward menu. The bold, rich flavours are balanced with a lot of fresh garnishes, acidity, and varied textures.

Are there stories behind any of your dishes?

The pork croquettes are inspired by a version that my Grandmother used to make, while flambéed prawns with Sambuca herb butter has been one of my favorite things to cook, ever since my first serious kitchen job at River House Grill.

What are the cultural or regional influences reflected in these dishes?

There is some European influence on certain dishes: Spanish, French, Dutch... But in general, I haven't restricted the menu to any specific cuisine.

Are there any surprising elements or unexpected pairings in the menu?

The charred carrots with spicy honey and whipped goat's feta is unique, surprising, and delicious- a harmony of very different flavours!

If you could add one more dish to the menu, which would it be?

More dessert! :)

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