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A Heartfelt Thanksgiving: Reflecting on Our Gratitude at EPIC

At EPIC, we believe in taking time to reflect on our blessings and express gratitude. As Thanksgiving approaches, we are reminded of the importance of acknowledging and appreciating the good things in our lives.

In the midst of the challenges and uncertainties of the past years —between navigating the pandemic or dealing with inflation and rising food costs—, we have seen countless examples of kindness, generosity, and resilience. From our dedicated staff and partners to the individuals and families we serve, we have much to be thankful for. We are grateful for the support of our community and the meaningful partnerships we have formed. As we come together to celebrate Thanksgiving, we are reminded of the power of connection and the importance of supporting one another.

The Essence of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a special holiday that reminds us that gratitude is an essential part of our daily lives, and is a perfect opportunity to celebrate and share our gratitude with others. The essence of Thanksgiving is about coming together as a community and expressing our appreciation for the people and things that we have in our lives. It is a time to reflect on our blessings and be thankful for the opportunities, challenges, and experiences that have shaped us into who we are today.

During Thanksgiving, we take the time to acknowledge the people who have made a difference in our lives, such as family, friends, colleagues, mentors, and teachers. We also express gratitude for the simple things that we often take for granted, such as good health, a roof over our heads, food on the table, and the beauty of nature. At EPIC, we embody the spirit of Thanksgiving by promoting gratitude, generosity, and community involvement throughout the year.

Reflecting on Our Gratitude

At EPIC, we believe in the power of gratitude. As we approach Thanksgiving, we take time to reflect on all that we are grateful for. This year has been challenging, but we have much to celebrate and appreciate.

The Impact of Gratitude

Gratitude has a profound impact on our mental and emotional well-being. When we focus on what we are thankful for, we shift our perspective from what we lack to what we have, leading to increased happiness, optimism, and resilience.

Research has shown that practicing gratitude can improve our physical health, too. Grateful people tend to have better sleep, lower levels of stress, and stronger immune systems. Additionally, expressing gratitude can strengthen our relationships with others. When we show appreciation for those around us, we build deeper connections and foster a sense of community.

At EPIC, we encourage our team members to practice gratitude regularly. Whether it's through daily journaling, expressing appreciation to colleagues, or simply taking a moment to reflect on what we are thankful for, we know that gratitude can have a positive impact on our work and personal lives.

As we celebrate Thanksgiving, we are reminded of the importance of gratitude. We are grateful for our team members, clients, and partners who have supported us throughout the year. We are grateful for the opportunities we have had to grow and learn. And we are grateful for the resilience and strength we have found within ourselves during challenging times.

Let us continue to practice gratitude and reflect on all that we have to be thankful for.

Gratitude for Our Incredible Guests


At EPIC, we are extremely grateful for our incredible guests. We appreciate the loyalty and trust they have in us to provide them with exceptional service and delicious food. Our immeasurable gratitude extends towards both the individuals who come to our EPIC Downtown location and our corporate customers using our catering and private event services.

“While together, we ate and karaoked our hearts out at @dineepic. And our team can’t stop talking about how great it was. The team at EPIC curates amazing food, drinks and events that can be tailored to your needs.” - Punchcard

We take pride in ensuring that our guests have a memorable experience every time they visit us. From the moment they walk in, we make sure they feel welcomed and comfortable. Our staff is trained to cater to their every need, and we are always willing to go the extra mile to make their experience unforgettable.

“Loved my experience at EPIC! Menu, drink list and vibe were great. Perfect to meet up with friends and kick off (or finish off) the evening. Staff were fantastic from start to finish.” - NL

Our guests come from all walks of life, and we are honoured to have the opportunity to serve them. Whether they are here for a business meeting, a family dinner, or a special occasion, we make sure they feel valued and appreciated. We are grateful for their patronage and their continued support.

“Epic is an exceptional spot, as the name suggests. You need to visit.” - AC

We are committed to providing our guests with the best possible experience, and we are constantly striving to improve our services. We take their feedback seriously and use it to make changes that enhance their experience. Our guests' satisfaction is our top priority, and we are grateful for the opportunity to serve them.

“Thank you Epic for getting it all right - you set the standards high for customer service!” - KR

In conclusion, we are grateful for our incredible guests who make EPIC the success it is today. We appreciate their loyalty, trust, and support, and we are committed to providing them with an exceptional experience every time they visit us.

Gratitude for Our Passionate Team


At EPIC, we are grateful for our passionate team who work tirelessly to ensure that our guests have an unforgettable dining experience. We are proud to have a team that is dedicated to their craft and passionate about providing exceptional service.

  • Our mixologists are skilled in creating unique and delicious cocktails that perfectly complement our menu items.

  • Our servers are knowledgeable about our menu and always go above and beyond to ensure that our guests have a memorable dining experience.

  • Our kitchen team is passionate about ensuring that every dish coming out is not only visually appealing but also bursting with flavor.

  • And our dishwashers work diligently behind the scenes to ensure that our kitchen is always clean and running smoothly.

Additionally, we are immensely grateful for the leadership team at EPIC, whose vision, guidance, and unwavering commitment to excellence inspire and empower our staff to deliver the exceptional service that our guests have come to expect.

We appreciate our team's hard work and dedication to our restaurant. We understand that their efforts are what make EPIC a success. As a team, we are committed to providing a positive and supportive work environment where our staff can thrive and grow in their roles.

In summary, we are grateful for our passionate team who bring their skills, knowledge, and dedication to work every day. Their hard work and commitment to our restaurant are what make EPIC a truly special place.

Gratitude for Our Talented Chefs in Residence

At EPIC, we are grateful for the five talented chefs we partner with to offer such delicious menu options. Each chef brings their unique style and expertise to their respective restaurant, creating a diverse and exciting dining experience for our guests.


Chef Peter Keith, owner and co-founder of Meuwly’s, is the mastermind behind Carne and its delectable small plates. His passion for bold flavors and quality ingredients shines through in every dish, from the tasty cherry duck breast to the buttery prawns flambé.


Chef Oliver Butterworth is the creative force behind Harvest and its plant-based dishes. His innovative approach to vegetarian and vegan cuisine has earned him praises from health-conscious diners and foodies alike.


Chef Winnie Chen, a partner and head chef at Fu's Repair Shop, brings her amazing Asian-fusion recipes to life at Maneki. Her expert blending of traditional Asian flavors with modern culinary techniques results in dishes that are both comforting and exciting.

©Lindsay Porter

Chef Lindsay Porter puts a fresh spin on Italian cuisine at Osteria with her not-so-traditional takes on classic dishes. Her inventive use of ingredients and flavors has earned her a reputation as one of the most exciting chefs in the city.

©Alex Edmonson

Finally, Chef Alex Edmonson brings a taste of France to Petite with his authentic French bistro plates. From the rich and creamy parisienne gnocchi to the comforting steak frites, his dishes transport diners straight to the streets of Paris.

We are grateful for the hard work and dedication of each of our chefs in residence. Their talent and creativity are a vital part of what makes EPIC such a special place to dine.

Gratitude for the Bounty of Local Producers

At EPIC, we are grateful for the support of our local suppliers such as Meuwly's, Strathcona Microgreens, Lucky Supermarket, or Gordon Food Services, along with our craft brewery partners. Their dedication to quality and sustainability is evident in the products they provide us, and we are proud to feature them on our menu.

Meuwly's, a local charcuterie shop, provides us with a wide selection of cured meats and sausages made with locally sourced ingredients. Their commitment to craftsmanship and quality aligns with our values at EPIC, and we are thankful for their partnership.

Strathcona Microgreens provides us with fresh and flavorful greens that are grown right here in Edmonton. Their dedication to using organic and sustainable farming methods results in high-quality microgreens that add a pop of flavor and nutrition to our dishes.

Lucky Supermarket, a cornerstone of the community, has been a trusted partner in supplying us with the freshest produce and pantry essentials, ensuring that our dishes are prepared with the finest ingredients.

Gordon Food Services, a leader in the foodservice industry, shares our dedication to culinary excellence and consistently delivers top-quality products that elevate our offerings.


We're proud to feature beloved local breweries on our beverage menu, providing our patrons with a taste of the city's craft beer culture. Alley Kat, Sea Change, Banded Peak, Asymmetrical Brewing and Arcadia Brewing are all innovative craft breweries and are instrumental in curating an exciting and unique selection of beers that perfectly complement our menu. At EPIC, we are grateful for these outstanding partnerships that enhance our commitment to quality.

We are grateful for all of our local partners who provide us with the ingredients we need to create a memorable and delicious culinary experience for our customers. Their hard work and commitment to quality make our job easier, and we are proud to support the local food economy.

Gratitude for Creative Culinary Experiences

At EPIC, we are grateful for the creative culinary experiences that we have had over the years. Our chefs are always pushing the boundaries of what is possible with food, and we are constantly amazed by the innovative dishes that they create.

Some of our favorite culinary experiences are our Chef Takeovers. Our chefs work tirelessly to create a menu that is both traditional and innovative, using fresh, locally sourced ingredients to create dishes that are both delicious and memorable.

Some of our favorite dishes from past Chef Takeovers include:

  • Chef Lindsay Porter’s truffle Beef Wellington and gougeres

  • Chef Winnie Chen’s spiced carrot spaghettini and roasted porchetta

  • Chef Peter Keith’s duck course and charcuterie boards

Each event, our chefs come up with new twists on classic dishes, incorporating new ingredients and techniques to create something truly special.

We are also grateful for the many other culinary experiences that we have had at EPIC, from our daily dinner offerings to our special events and catering services. Whether we are enjoying a simple salad or a gourmet meal, we know that our chefs are always working to create something delicious and memorable.

In conclusion, we are grateful for the creative culinary experiences that we have had at EPIC. Our chefs are truly innovative and talented, and we look forward to many more delicious meals in the years to come.

Gratitude for Giving Back

At EPIC, we believe in the power of community involvement and giving back. We have partnered with several organizations in the past to support their causes and make a positive impact in our community.

One of the organizations we have worked with is Wellspring Alberta, a non-profit organization that provides support and resources for individuals and families affected by cancer. Through our partnership, we have been able to contribute to their mission and help those in need.

We’ve also partnered with the CHEW project, which stands for Community, Health, Empowerment & Wellness. A community-based initiative located on Treaty 6 territory, CHEW provides a safe environment and free frontline support for 2SLGBTQ+ youth and emerging adults. We’ve been happy to help them be a needed home to the numerous 2SLGBTQ+ youth who seek out its services.

WIN House is another example of organizations we have partnered with to support their mission of providing a safe haven and support for women and children fleeing domestic abuse. We are grateful for the opportunity to contribute to this important cause and make a positive impact in our community.

We are always looking for ways to give back and make a difference in our community. Through our partnerships with these organizations and more, we are able to express our gratitude and support causes that are important to us.

Looking Ahead with Gratitude


At EPIC, we are excited to continue our growth and expansion as we move towards the future. We are thrilled to announce that our second location, EPIC Whyte Ave, located within Station Park (Beljan Development), is slated to open before the end of the year. This new location will provide our customers with even more opportunities to enjoy our delicious food and fun activities.


We have plenty of exciting events and activities planned for EPIC Whyte Ave. Our team is working hard to create a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere for everyone who visits. We are confident that this new location will be a great addition to the community and we can't wait to share it with you.

In addition to our new location, we are also looking forward to all the corporate holiday parties we cater and/or host. We still have room for more parties, so if you're looking for a great venue to host your holiday event, be sure to contact us.

As we move forward, we are grateful for the continued support of our customers and the community. We are committed to providing the best possible experience for everyone who visits EPIC, and we look forward to serving you for years to come.

All in All: A Heartfelt Thanksgiving

As we reflect on our gratitude at EPIC this Thanksgiving, we are reminded of the importance of expressing our appreciation for the people and things in our lives. Taking the time to acknowledge the good in our lives can have a profound impact on our overall well-being and happiness.

During this holiday season, we encourage everyone to take a moment to reflect on what they are thankful for. Whether it's the support of loved ones, the opportunity to pursue our passions, or the simple pleasures of life, there is always something to be grateful for.

At EPIC, we are grateful for all the opportunities that have arisen in the past year and are looking forward to what’s to come. We are thankful for our dedicated staff and partners who work tirelessly to support our business. And we are grateful for the continued support of our customers, as they are the reason we do what we do.

As we gather with family and friends this Thanksgiving, let us remember to express our gratitude and spread kindness to those around us. Together, we can create a world where everyone has the opportunity to thrive and live their best life.

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