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Chef Elia Herrera

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Elia Herrera, Tecolote & Milpa talented Executive Chef and Co-owner. Born in Cordoba,

Veracruz-Mexico, she was exposed to the fascinating world of cookery from a very young age.

Growing up, culinary exploration was encouraged in her home, by her grandmother. Elia has

followed her roots and has brought the tradition of authentic Mexican cuisine to Canada.

Naturally, then, her family wholeheartedly supported her choice to delve into the culinary

industry, and enthusiastically supported her studies at The Culinary Institute of Mexico. Elia

graduated as an Executive Chef with specialization in international cuisine and Pastry.

Taking bits and pieces from her training abroad, having perfected her culinary techniques in

countries like Spain, France, Belgium, Italy and Canada, Elia puts a little bit of herself in every

dish she creates. She has been fortunate enough to work with some of Barcelona's top Pastry

Chefs, including Jordi Butron, Xano Saguer, Walter Volt, and Ricardo Martinez.

Chef Elia came to Canada in 2003, and immediately put her skills to work. Like any good recipe,

success is a product of good ingredients. Passion, dedication and extensive knowledge have

led her to where she is today.

She is inspired by her grandmother Luz Del Carmen Dominguez de Herrera and mother Elia Del

Carmen Herrera Dominguez.

Chef Herrera is a Gold Medal Winner for Canada’s Great Kitchen Party 2018, previously known

as Gold Metal Plates. It’s a social enterprise that’s dedicated to building community regionally

and nationally to celebrate Canadian excellence in food, sport and music. She has participated

in multiple Food and Wine festivals national and internationally.

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