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Chef Alex Edmonson



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Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Chef Alex Edmonson began cooking professionally at the age of 17, graduated SAIT’s Culinary Arts Program, and obtained his Red Seal designation. After school, Alex started his career working at reputable restaurants all around the world. Some of the experience he received was while traveling and working at world renowned restaurants along the way. This includes work at Quay, one of Australia’s Best Restaurants at the time, and Three Michelin Star Restaurant Noma, which was named one of the World’s Best Restaurants three years in a row.

After his travels, Chef Alex returned to Calgary to join a team to help open an award winning restaurant. After a year, he decided to travel once again to Europe & the US to expand his culinary knowledge, where he worked at another Michelin star restaurant. Chef Alex then returned to Calgary to become an Executive Chef at the restaurant Market at the age of just 23. He spent time working with local producers to create seasonal and high quality menus there until he decided to pursue a career as a Personal Chef cooking all over Canada and parts of the US. In 2021, Alex competed on Top Chef Canada achieving Semi-Finalist and was nominated for rising chef by The Art of Plating.

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