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Wedding Table Setting
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We've partnered with award-winning Canadian chefs, mixologists, and hospitality experts to bring an elevated culinary experience right to your business, event, or celebration.


The EPIC Chef's Table

EPIC brings top chef-crafted menus and excellent mixologists pairings into unique culinary experiences designed to impress guests. An immersive adventure where attendees can fully appreciate the artistry as the meals, dishes, and drinks are prepared in front of them. Learn about the stories behind the dishes and pairings, while savouring the culinary journey.

The Chef’s Table is a fantastic choice for business and personal celebrations, like client appreciation events, company galas, private team lunches, draw prizes, or just fancy dinner parties for a birthday or anniversary. Whatever the occasion, EPIC brings together best-in-class talent to wow each guest.

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The Chefs

Every great dish starts with a seed of inspiration from within the chef that created it —EPIC seeks to nurture these seeds.


We work with a diverse group of chefs to use their creativity to guide their own tasting menus and events, centred around that particular chef’s style of elevated cuisine. They are all passionate about sharing their knowledge and creativity, so you can be sure that their innovative dishes will take you on a culinary trip, exploring their individual stories, experiences, and inspirations.

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The Mixologists

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For every exceptional dish, there's an equally exceptional drink—crafted by none other than our skilled mixologists.


We collaborate with a select group of top mixologists, empowering them to craft their own signature drink menus and experiences, each reflecting their unique style and approach to mixology. Driven by their passion for innovation and dedication to sharing their craft, you can trust that their imaginative concoctions - be it cocktails, wines, beers, mocktails, or a mix - will transport you on a sensory journey tailored to your tastes and preferences.

Our Chefs and Mixologists

Mixologist Xavier Aleba
Mixologist Xavier Aleba


Chef Elia Herrera
Chef Elia Herrera


Chef Oliver Butterworth
Chef Oliver Butterworth


Chef Peter Keith
Chef Peter Keith


Think EPIC for your events

The EPIC Chef's Table experience is the ultimate choice for any event, offering a culinary journey that exceeds expectations and leaves a lasting impression:

  • For celebratory dinners such as birthdays, bachelorette parties, or wedding showers, our bespoke menus and personalized service ensure a memorable occasion filled with delectable delights.

  • Companies seeking to elevate their team dinners or lunches can rely on EPIC to provide a sophisticated dining experience that fosters camaraderie and appreciation among colleagues.

  • Our mixologists can offer a refined and immersive exploration of flavors with cocktails, wines, or beer tastings, making them ideal for connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike.

  • For client appreciation or other gifted experiences, EPIC's Chef's Table provides a thoughtful and unforgettable event that truly demonstrates gratitude and strengthens relationships.

  • EPIC can make team-building and project completion celebrations a unique opportunity for teams to bond over shared culinary adventures, fostering collaboration and rewarding achievements in style.


No matter the occasion, EPIC Chef's Table delivers an unparalleled culinary experience tailored to exceed every expectation.

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